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Tele calling
At SR we follow different levels of tele calling system Initial system of tele calling is Simple Late Payment Reminders followed by follow up calls and then by strict diligent calling.
Calls are made as per the financial institution’s norms also the regulations regarding the quality of call and timing is strictly adhered. All the inbound and outbound calls are voice recorded as per the RBI Guidelines and is used for training and supervision purposes.
At SR we follow the general rules and guidelines laid by the governing financial authority, RBI as is in India. For Eg:
  1 Calls are made from the same nos as advised by the bank to the customer
  2 The agent discloses his or her identity and authority at the first instance
  3 The agent contact the debtor between regulated time.
  4 The agent should as far as possible honor the customer’s request to avoid calls at a particular time or at a particular place.
  5 All calls where the customer becomes abusing and threatening are appropriately documented.
Debt and recovery Collections:
SR is a leading debt collection agency & provider of outsourced credit control services. SR provides debt collection, debt recovery & credit control services for all financial products ranging from secured to unsecured collection.
At SR we are totally committed in providing the best debt recovery services by utilizing the skills of our highly experienced debt collectors & by using the latest computer technology. We set high standards throughout our debt collection agency and pride ourselves on providing effective, efficient and fair debt recovery service. Our debt collection services are tailor made to meet individual requirements. We endeavor to enhance your own credit control department with our outsourced credit control services working as a team with you in order to maximize your cash flow & reduce your debtor day. We set high standards for all levels of delinquency collections with different approach as per their importance
Skip Tracing:
People who get into debt are likely to avoid payment, which may often mean changing their address, moving out of the country, and/or making other efforts not to be found.
SR undertakes and executes Skip Tracing operations as & when deemed appropriate, when the task is to locate debtors who have moved out of the country, or whose whereabouts are unknown.
We understand that laws vary across different countries, and a debtor who has moved overseas or to other unknown location, may not be subjected to the same obligations as where the loan originated. These cases are handled by specialized team who coordinate with various agencies at various locations to trace the account. The team is best in the field and their services are directly reported to us, which means you will continue to receive the same care, timeliness, attention and unparalleled results.
In the UAE, we are planning to have Field Agents located across the seven emirates, who would add a professional touch to the process of recovering debts.
Dependant on the circumstances, our teams can locate most of the Skip Tracing cases and enable amicable settlement.
Document collection and due diligence:
SR helps financial institutions to follow Know your customer (KYC) norms and conduct due diligence. SR helps to identify their clients and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing financial business with them.
KYC process is also employed by regular companies of all sizes, for the purpose of ensuring their proposed agents', consultants' or distributors' anti-bribery compliance. Banks, insurers and export credit agencies are increasingly demanding that customers provide detailed anti-corruption due diligence information, to verify their probity and integrity.
Document Collection
SR also provides a variety of secure and practical methods to collect your confidential material. This includes:-
  1 New account verification forms.
  2 ID checking and verification
  3 Completed PI Questionnaire
  4 Proof of address and Identification
Customer Services:
Sr Agencies provide Customer Care and Support Services through multiple channels across industries. Voice-enabled customer care, online transaction support, and help desk services are among our suite of Customer-Focused Programs that help our clients enhance their customer experience
Service Offerings:-
  1 Account Maintenance
  2 Query Management
  3 Transaction Support & Payment Processing
  4 Customer Retention
  5 Market Research